Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blogging - for better or for worse

Sara and I have known each other for over 15 years.  As friendships do, ours has had some ups, downs, and no contact years.  Enter Facebook.  Imagine our surprise, when upon reconnection, we discovered we were both the stay at home moms to 3 kids each, living in rather rural areas, and searching for an outlet. Admittedly, no one who knew us in high school thought to themselves "Those two self-starters have a future in crafting!". Fast forward (and no, I am not going to tell you how many years!) and here we are. Two long time friends, loving wives, devoted mothers, and mad crafters making a go at it. 
Follow our adventures on facebook and now our new adventure of blogging.  I am sure we will start with a schedule (inflicted by me) and that will turn into bleary-eyed midnight posts (probably by Sara, she's the witty one) but bare with us on our new adventure, will you?


  1. Just saw that "she's the witty one" part. Not so sure about that. And to prove my lack of witt, I'm coming up empty handed on my first post.

  2. You're newest follower! I love your fb (I'm a fan as Melissa Ortega and MO Creations). You can find my crazy blog at
    Welcome to the fun and fabulous blogging world! (I'm pretty new too!) :)

  3. Should I email you a schedule? :) It is nice we can use this as another venue of our online conversations.

  4. Yes, people don't get enough of our online conversations via facebook. It's good to have another option.

  5. Thanks Melissa! I will be following your blog too! I like to think I know what's going on but this blogging is a whole new world:)